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Wuhu Fushan Mechanical

Wuhu Fushan Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province with the company area over 300mu. Casting factory covers the 80mu area land to produce 20,000 ton cast of Resin Sand per year for production of advanced grey cast iron and low-temp spheroidal graphite cast iron used in wind power industry area. Company has equipment of 6-ton Medium Frequency Furnace, Resin Sand modeling production line, normalization, Annealing and polishing heat treatment after casting process and material detection equipment of direct-reading spectrometer. Here is the base of casting iron manufatactor. Machinery processing factor covers 150 mu area land which including like the NC gantry machining centers, NC vertical machining center, and gantry rail grinding etc. over 500 machining equipment. It primarily used for machining of the machine tool body and gearbox. Here is the base of machinery processing.